Global Fashion Logistics is a fashion clothing brand, providing customised suits, shirts, trousers, and coats. All our clothes are made by 20 years experience tailors’ team. Our systematic buying process helps you find out and design your ideal style. Our experienced tailor team makes the clothes perfectly fit anyone of you. 

  • Corporate Statement
         Create your own style
          Dress modestly and act confidently with us
          Make the clothes enrich your lives 

  • Our Vision
          To help you dress decently and wear in confidence 
  • Our Mission
            We help you to design your ideal style clothes with simple and systematic process, makings                  
            the customised clothes perfectly fit you and enrich your daily lives.
  • Our Feature
           Customised design: The clothes could fit any kind of body shape
           Simple purchase process: Design your modest clothing with our simple process       
           Fast prodcution and shipment service: You will receive your products within 7 to 14 days
           High quality: The best quality fabric 
           Figure flattering: The sharp cutting and customised measurement will flatter your body shape
  • Our Social Responsibility         
           From every purchase, we will donate 0.5% to the charity for helping needed children.